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Enterprise Solutions: Integrated Reservations Intranet System (IRIS)
IRIS is a web based intranet system designed to handle all dimensions of Timeshare and Club Management across a diverse portfolio of vacation products. IRIS offers a rich feature set including the following key capabilities:
  • Integrated Pooling enabling inventory to be shared between Clubs, maximising inventory usage.
  • Simple promotion management allowing inventory to be offered at discounted rates to club members.
  • Interfaces securely to banking institutions to allow automated processing of large volume Debit Orders and Receipt batches.
  • Reusable contact details across Clubs.
  • Integration with 3rd party Dialer Technologies to improve debt recovery processes.
  • Powerful reporting features that give business experts access to Real-time or Warehouse data.
  • Correspondence editors that allow customised templates to be designed with both static and merged data for large volume SMS and Email campaigns.
  • Levy administration capabilities that support both Club and Managing Agents functions.
  • Multiple Reservations frontends streamlined for Owner, Club and Rental reservations.